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Do. 10.06.2021 20:30 Uhr

KAMA Kollektiv — KOTi

KAMA Kollektiv is the qroup around young Finnish singer and trumpet player Kirsi- Marja “Kiki” Harju. The word KAMA is Finnish for “things” or “stuff”, and it describes what the band’s music is about: the small things in life that are often so easily overlooked.

Kiki tells stories – some in Finnish, some in English – about love and transformation, forests and animals, small everyday pleasures, and a mystical, romantic view of nature. The music is a mesmerizing mixture of jazz, Scandinavian folk and indie pop. It takes you on a journey to fabulous lands and intense emotions. The band is based in Amsterdam, but Kiki’s songs are full of memories of the beautiful landscapes, dark forests and the icy frost of her homeland, Finland.

KOTI is the title of KAMA Kollektiv’s first album, which is a Finnish word for “home.” The group’s four musicians grew up in Finland, Israel, Germany and the Netherlands, but they now all chose Amsterdam as their haven. Life experience has taught Kiki that home is more than a physical location. It is a feeling, a conception and most importantly, trust. And, after all, the band mates’ friendship also creates a feeling of being home, away from home. We invite you to share that feeling through our concerts and music.

Kirsi Harju – trumpet, vocals, composition
Chaerim Im– piano
Jonathan Nagel – double bass, composition
Yoad Korach – drums